Apple II Joystick to USB Adapter Build

Please see the previous blog entry for more details on this project.
So you want to build your own? Here are the links to what you will need to build this adapter.


The PCB can be ordered directly from OSH Park. They require a minimum order of three, but it is under $15 total including shipping so the cost is minimal.


I purchased all of the parts from Digikey except for the micro USB jack and D-SUB 9 jack. I purchased the micro USB jack and D-SUB 9 jack from eBay. I have created a Digikey shopping cart that contains the listing of parts that I purchased from there. This shopping cart is for building a single board, so if you decide to build three of them you will need to adjust the quantities accordingly. The cost of components for a single board is around $6 or $7 so the total cost is pretty low.


The code to be programmed into the microcontroller is available on GitHub. This was programmed using Microchip’s MPLAB X IDE. From within MPLAB X, you can “clone” the GitHub repository to download the latest version. Once you have the code downloaded, you will need a PICKit 2, PICKit 3, or some other programmer to flash the firmware to the microcontroller.


If you want to print out the same case that I designed I have the STL file available for the top and bottom. This design doesn’t have a good way of keeping the top and bottom attached to one another. You can either glue it shut or use a piece of black electrical tap on each side to hold it closed.

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